Colibri is a repository for source code developed in ENVI/IDL under the Open Source Initiative. It contains a wide variety of algorithms and applications which are of interest for the remote sensing community.

The code is organized in a hierarchical way. At the lowest level, common code performing all kinds of basic functionality is available to the higher levels, i.e. classes and applications. Classes are object based functionalities performing more specific tasks. Both common code and classes are the building blocks for the applications which perform well delineated tasks.


All common code, classes and applications are well documented. The complete set of code and documentation are available to the remote sensing community.

The code distinguishes between IDL based and ENVI functionality. The IDL based functionality is not limited to the ENVI environment and therefore can be used outside the remote sensing applications. The applications distinguish between command line applications and applications which are driven by a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI based applications can be made available via the ENVI main menu or via the Toolbox environment as of ENVI version 5.0.

It is the intention to have a strict naming convention for the source code names:

  • ENVI based functionalities start with the prefix EOS
  • IDL based functionalities start with prefix IOS

Depending on the code level the prefix is followed by:

  • cc for common code
  • oc for object classes
  • ap for applications
  • ex for example code

Subsequently the specific source name is added, e.g. IOSocStatus, de object class which handles the status window.

More information at sourceforge


Install Colibri


Unzip and create a new ENVI/IDL project with as main directory:

     <Download DIR>:\Version x.x\Colibri

Once installed the following basic directory structure will be created:


      • Applications
      • Bitmaps
      • Classes
      • Common
      • Documents
      • Examples
      • Reference Guide.html

*** To start the documentation reference guide:

In the IDL Project area double click the "Reference Guide.html"

Join the project

ENVI/IDL code developers and remote sensing researchers are requested to actively contribute to this ENVI/IDL Code Library in order to obtain a solid reference of user developed applications for the remote sensing community.